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Danielle Campbell

Actress, Model
Birth Date

30 January 1995

Birth Place

Hinsdale, Illinois, United States

Birth Sign



28 Years Old

Danielle Marie Campbell, born on January 30, 1995, is an American actress best known for her work in various film and television projects. She gained recognition for her role as Jessica Olson in the 2010 Disney Channel Original Movie "StarStruck" and as Simone Daniels in the 2011 Disney film "Prom." In 2013, she portrayed the character Davina Claire in the CW television drama series "The Originals," a spin-off of "The Vampire Diaries."

Danielle Campbell Personal Details

Let's Talk About Danielle Marie Campbell's Early Life and Her Journey as an Actress.

Early Life:
- Danielle Marie Campbell was born on January 30, 1995.
- She began her acting career at a young age and was discovered when she was just ten years old in a hair salon in Chicago.

Career Highlights:
- Danielle Campbell is an American actress known for her work in both film and television.
- She gained recognition for her starring role as Jessica Olson in the 2010 Disney Channel Original Movie "Starstruck." This romantic comedy film tells the story of a teenage girl who becomes romantically involved with a famous pop star.
- In 2011, she played Simone Daniels in the Disney film "Prom." This film is a high school romantic comedy-drama centered around the events leading up to a high school prom.
- One of her most notable roles was as Davina Claire in the 2013 CW television drama series "The Originals." In this series, she portrayed a powerful sixteen-year-old witch.
- In 2018, Danielle Campbell starred in the CBS All Access television psychological thriller series "Tell Me a Story," where she took on the roles of Kayla Powell and Olivia Moon.

Campbell's roles in Disney movies and popular television series have earned her a dedicated fan base and recognition within the entertainment industry. Her early start in acting and subsequent success showcase her talent and versatility as an actress.

Full Name Danielle Campbell
Gender Female
Nick Name Dani
Date of Birth 30 January 1995
Place of Birth Hinsdale, Illinois, United States
Hometown Hinsdale, Illinois, United States
Marital Status Single
Affair/Relationship Colin Woodell
Spouse Colin Woodell
Children Not Available
Zodiac SIgn Aquarius
Religion Christian
Birth City Hinsdale, Illinois, United States
Birth State United states
Birth Country Illinois
Nationality American

Danielle Campbell Family Details

Danielle Campbell hails from Hinsdale, Illinois, and her early life and family background are as follows:

Family Background:
- Her parents are named Georganne and John Campbell.
- Danielle Campbell has a younger brother.

Discovery in a Hair Salon:

- An interesting aspect of her early career is that she was discovered at a hair salon in Chicago when she was just ten years old. This unexpected discovery marked the beginning of her journey into the world of acting.

Her early start in the entertainment industry and her subsequent accomplishments in both film and television have made her a recognizable figure in the industry. This personal background provides insight into her beginnings as a young actress, and her talent and dedication have helped her achieve success in the field.

Father Name John Campbell
Mother Name Georganne Campbell
Brother Name Johnny Campbell
Sister Name Not Available
Husband Colin Woodell
Children Not Available

Danielle Campbell Educational Qualifications

Danielle Campbell attended Hinsdale Central High School, which is a public high school located in Hinsdale, Illinois. Hinsdale Central High School is part of Hinsdale Township High School District 86 and is known for its strong academic programs and extracurricular activities. While there isn't extensive public information available about Danielle Campbell's education beyond her attendance at Hinsdale Central High School, it's clear that she pursued her acting career and achieved recognition in the entertainment industry at a relatively young age. 

School Hinsdale Central High School
College Not Available
Educational Qualification High School Graduate

Danielle Campbell Profession Details

Danielle Campbell's acting career has included a variety of roles in both television and film. Here's a more detailed overview of her career progression:

1. Early Roles:
  - Danielle Campbell's first acting role was as a guest star in five episodes of the popular TV series "Prison Break." This served as her introduction to the world of acting.

2. Commercial and Early Film Roles:
  - She appeared in a nationwide commercial for Build-A-Bear Workshop, showcasing her early work in the entertainment industry.
  - In 2008, she played the character Darla in the movie "The Poker House."

3. Disney Channel Roles:
  - In 2010, she began to gain recognition through her work on the Disney Channel. She appeared in the Disney Channel television series "Zeke and Luther" as Dani.
  - The same year, she starred in the television movie "Starstruck" alongside Sterling Knight. Her role as Jessica Olson in "Starstruck" was a significant moment in her career. After its release, she signed a development deal with Disney.

4. Prom (2011):
  - Danielle Campbell had a notable role in the 2011 film "Prom," where she portrayed a character named Simone Daniels. This Disney movie explored the experiences of high school students leading up to their prom night.

5. The Originals (2013):
  - In 2013, she was cast in a starring role on the television series "The Originals." She played Davina Claire, a powerful sixteen-year-old witch.

6. Film Roles and Television Series:
  - In subsequent years, Campbell continued to take on a variety of roles, including in films like "16 South" alongside Luke Benward and "Race To Redemption" alongside Luke Perry.
  - She was also cast as Ellie Reed in the 2016 television series "SINs" and played the character Maddy in the 2017 production "F the Prom."

7. Recent Roles:
  - In 2018, she had a recurring role in the second season of the Freeform television series "Famous in Love."
  - In the same year, she was cast in a starring role in the CBS All Access television drama series "Tell Me a Story," showcasing her versatility as an actress.

8. Theater Work:
  - In 2021, Danielle Campbell ventured into theater and starred in the Broadway production of Alice Childress's play "Trouble in Mind." This demonstrated her range as an actress, transitioning from screen to stage.

Throughout her career, Danielle Campbell has taken on diverse roles in various media, solidifying her status as a talented actress with a wide range of experiences in both film and television.

Profession Actress, Model
Present Year 2023
Net Worth $8 Million
Source of Income Actress
Movies The Poker House
TV Shows Originals, Prison Break
Advertisement Not Available
Awards Not Available

Danielle Campbell Physical Stats

Danielle Campbell's physical appearance is often mentioned in the context of her work as an actress and her presence in the entertainment industry. Her body measurements of 35-25-34 inches suggest a slender and well-proportioned figure. These measurements typically refer to her bust, waist, and hip sizes, respectively.

In addition to her body measurements, Danielle Campbell is noted for her fair complexion, which often enhances her classic beauty. She is often described as having fair skin, which can give her a youthful and fresh appearance. Her green eyes are one of her striking features, as they are relatively uncommon and can add to her overall charm and allure. Furthermore, she is known for her blonde hair, which complements her fair complexion and can vary in style and length depending on her role and personal preferences.

Overall, Danielle Campbell's physical attributes contribute to her distinctive appearance, and they play a role in her on-screen presence and appeal as an actress.

Height 160 Centimeters
5 Feet 2 Inches
62.99 Inches
1.60 Meters
Weight 110 lbs.
49.90 kg.
Body Measurements 35-24-34
Shoe Size 6US
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Dark Brown
Birth Mark Not Available
Tattoo Not Available

Danielle Campbell Social Media Profiles

Danielle seems to have a significant social media presence. On Instagram, she goes by the handle @theDanielle and has an impressive following of over 3.1 million followers. Her Twitter account, @DCampbellN12, dates back to April 2009 and has gathered around 4.6k followers. She also maintains a Facebook presence under the name @OfficialDanielleCampbell. These platforms provide her with a wide reach and audience engagement.



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1. Residence in Los Angeles, California:
  - Danielle Campbell resides in Los Angeles, California. Los Angeles is a major hub for the entertainment industry, and many actors and actresses choose to live there due to its proximity to Hollywood and the opportunities it offers for their careers.

2. Engagement to Colin Woodell:
  - Danielle Campbell announced her engagement to Colin Woodell, who is her co-star from "The Originals." This announcement was made on August 15, 2023. It's not uncommon for actors who work closely together on a project to develop personal relationships, and in this case, it led to an engagement.