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Jazmin Gillespie

Jazmin Gillespie

Athlete, Digital Content Creator, Online Coach
Birth Date

07 December 1990

Birth Place

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Birth Sign



33 Years Old

Jazmin Gillespie, born December 7, 1990, in Vancouver, Canada, is a renowned fitness coach and figure competitor with a 3rd-degree black belt in martial arts. Passionate about fitness, she inspires 669k Instagram followers with her workouts, nutrition tips, and motivational content. Jazmin enjoys swimming and photography in her free time.

Jazmin Gillespie Personal Details

Jazmin Gillespie's Personal Life

Jazmin Gillespie is more than just a fitness coach and competitor from Canada; she's a real source of inspiration. Starting her journey in 2010, she's not only made a name for herself in fitness competitions but also touches lives as a dedicated trainer. What's truly remarkable is her skill in martial arts, where she's earned a 3rd-degree black belt – a sign of her discipline and strength. 

Jazmin Gillespie's Family

She trains rigorously and follows a healthy diet, shaping a body that's both strong and fit. Her journey is not just about staying in shape; it's about passion and helping others find their strength.

Jazmin Gillespie About Her

Full Name Jazmin Gillespie
Gender Female
Nick Name Jazmin Gillespie
Date of Birth 07 December 1990
Place of Birth Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Hometown Vancouver
Marital Status Single
Zodiac SIgn Sagittarius
Religion Christan
Birth City Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Birth State British Columbia
Birth Country Canada
Nationality Canadian

Jazmin Gillespie Profession Details

Jazmin Gillespie's Professional Life

Jazmin Gillespie is from Canada and works as a fitness coach and a competitor in figure competitions, starting her career around 2010. She's not just about looking fit; she's also pretty skilled in martial arts, having earned a 3rd-degree black belt.Jazmin works hard and inspires a lot of people with her fitness story. She loves helping others get fit while she keeps getting better in her own fitness path.

Jazmin Gillespie's Fitness

Profession Athlete, Digital Content Creator, Online Coach
Present Year 2023
Net Worth $10 Million
Source of Income Athlete, Social Media Influencer
TV Shows

Jazmin Gillespie Physical Stats

Jazmin Gillespie's Physical Appearance

Jazmin Gillespie, with her impressive height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters), showcases a strong and athletic physique at around 70 kilograms (140 lbs). Her body measurements are a testament to her rigorous training, standing at 32DD-25-34 inches (US) or 95-61-89 centimeters (EU). She fits comfortably into a US size 4 dress, reflecting her lean, muscular build. For footwear, Jazmin opts for a US size 8 shoe (EU size 38.5), which complements her tall and athletic stature. These physical characteristics highlight her dedication and success in maintaining a fit and well-toned body, essential for her roles as a figure competitor and personal trainer.

Height 175 Centimeters
5 Feet 8 Inches
68.90 Inches
1.75 Meters
Weight 140 lbs.
63.50 kg.
Body Measurements 34-30-38
Shoe Size 8US
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Birth Mark

Jazmin Gillespie Social Media Profiles

Jazmin Gillespie's Social Media

Jazmin Gillespie has an impressive following on Instagram, with 669,000 followers. This large number of followers indicates her significant impact and popularity in the fitness and health community. On her Instagram, Jazmin likely shares her fitness journey, workout routines, nutrition tips, and possibly personal moments and motivational messages.

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Jazmin Gillespie Accomplishments

Jazmin Gillespie has achieved quite a lot in her career. She's known for being a top-level fitness competitor, showing off her skills in different fitness contests. She's also a certified coach, helping others get fit and strong. Plus, she's really good at martial arts and has a 3rd-degree black belt, which is pretty impressive. All these accomplishments show how dedicated and talented she is in the world of fitness and health.

Jazmin Gillespie's Achievements