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Jessi Rae

Jessi Rae

Entrepreneur, Instagram Star
Birth Date

04 August 1991

Birth Place

California, United States

Birth Sign



32 Years Old

Jessi Rae is a well-known American entrepreneur and a social media sensation, achieving widespread recognition on Instagram with the username @notsansa888. Her birthdate is August 4, 1991, and she originates from California, United States.

Jessi Rae Personal Details

Jessi Rae

Jessi Rae is a charismatic entrepreneur and a standout figure in the realm of social media, leaving a lasting impact through her vibrant online presence and entrepreneurial ventures. Her life journey stands as proof of her steadfast dedication to attaining excellence in all aspects of her life.

Jessi Rae Personal Life


Jessi's enthusiasm for business and her captivating influence on social media mirror her ambitions. Her journey is defined by her resolute commitment to excel in both fields.

Jessi Rae

Full Name Jessi Rae
Gender Female
Nick Name Jessi Rae
Date of Birth 04 August 1991
Place of Birth California, United States
Hometown California
Marital Status Single
Zodiac SIgn Leo
Religion Christian
Birth City California, United States
Birth State California
Birth Country United State
Nationality American

Jessi Rae Profession Details

Jessi Rae Career

Jessi Rae's path has propelled her to the status of a successful entrepreneur, with her ventures in the business world exemplifying her unwavering determination and creative prowess.

Jessi Rae Career

Jessi's professional journey is undeniably extraordinary. She has achieved a multitude of milestones and left an indelible imprint on her industry. Jessi's resolute passion and unwavering commitment have driven her to excel in her chosen vocation, and she has dedicated substantial effort to honing her skills and establishing her reputation.

Jessi Rae Career

Jessi's career stands as an authentic testament to her inherent talent and relentless determination. She consistently serves as an inspiration to others through her exceptional work and sets a shining example for emerging professionals. With each new project, Jessi Rae pushes the boundaries and showcases her creativity. Her career genuinely reflects her profound passion and love for what she does.

Profession Entrepreneur, Instagram Star
Present Year 2023
Net Worth $5 Million
Source of Income Branding / Social media
TV Shows

Jessi Rae Physical Stats

Jessi's Body

Within Jessi Rae's vibrant world, her unique characteristics, encompassing her height, weight, age, and physical attributes, add to her distinctiveness. Jessi stands tall at 5 feet 5 inches, a height that embodies her self-assuredness and facilitates the pursuit of her dreams. Her weight, at 55 kg or 120 lbs, harmoniously complements her age and body type, providing her with a sense of grace and energy in her movements. As of 2023, Jessi is 54 years young, a testament to her enduring youthfulness, with a plethora of adventures awaiting her in life.

Jessi's Body

Height 165 Centimeters
5 Feet 4 Inches
64.96 Inches
1.65 Meters
Weight 120 lbs.
54.43 kg.
Body Measurements 34-28-38
Shoe Size 7 UK
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Blonde
Birth Mark

Jessi Rae Social Media Profiles

With her entrepreneurial undertakings, Jessi has built a significant presence within the realm of social media. Her compelling content has drawn in a sizable and devoted audience.

Jessi's Social Accounts

Instagram Jessi Rae Instagram Link
Twitter Jessi Rae Twitter Link
TikTok Jessi Rae TikTok Link

The exact figure of Jessi's net worth remains undisclosed and somewhat elusive, with estimated values falling within the $1 to $5 million range. It's crucial to emphasize that the true worth of Jessi Rae transcends mere financial wealth. Her distinctive qualities are shaped by her accomplishments, talents, and the significant positive impact she has on others.