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Katharina Mazepa

Katharina Mazepa

Birth Date

19 August 1995

Birth Place

Mariahilf, Vienna, Austria.

Birth Sign



28 Years Old

Katharina Mazepa, born Katharina Nahlik on 19 August 1995, is an Austrian model known for her work in the fashion and modeling industry, she had gained recognition for her modeling career.

Katharina Mazepa Personal Details

Katharina Nahlik, born on 19 August 1995, is a native of Vienna, Austria. She grew up in the Mariahilf district of Vienna and received her education at the Vienna Bilingual School. Notably, when she was 15 years old, she spent one year abroad in Malaysia, which likely provided her with valuable international and cultural experiences.

Katharina Mazepa

After completing her secondary education, Katharina Nahlik pursued higher education in the field of environmental engineering. She enrolled at BOKU University in Vienna, where she likely focused on studying various aspects of environmental science and engineering, including topics related to sustainability, ecology, and natural resource management.

Katharina Mazepa Personal Details

Katharina Nahlik's educational background and international experiences may have played a significant role in shaping her interests and career choices.

Full Name Katharina Mazepa
Gender Female
Nick Name Katharina Nahlik.
Date of Birth 19 August 1995
Place of Birth Mariahilf, Vienna, Austria.
Hometown Mariahilf
Marital Status Married
Affair/Relationship Shilo Mazepa (Divorce on 2023)
Marriage Date
Spouse Not Available
Children Not Available
Zodiac SIgn Leo
Religion Christian
Birth City Mariahilf, Vienna, Austria.
Birth State Vienna
Birth Country Austria
Nationality Austrian

Katharina Mazepa Educational Qualifications

Katharina Mazepa Education

Katharina Mazepa, when she was younger and living in Vienna, had an interesting and diverse background:

1. Vienna Bilingual School: She attended the Vienna Bilingual School, which suggests that she likely received education in both German and another language, possibly English, providing her with valuable language skills that would be advantageous in her future career.

2. Year in Malaysia: At the age of 15, she embarked on a year-long journey to Malaysia, where she lived. This kind of international experience can be incredibly enriching, both personally and culturally, and could have contributed to her worldly perspective.

3. Move to Singapore: After her time in Malaysia, Katharina Mazepa moved to Singapore. This move would have further exposed her to different cultures and environments, which can be beneficial for personal growth and broadening one's horizons.

4. BOKU University: Upon returning to Vienna, she made the decision to pursue higher education at BOKU University. She chose to study environmental engineering, a field that focuses on the application of science and engineering principles to protect and preserve the environment. Graduating with a degree in environmental engineering implies a strong academic foundation in this important and globally relevant field.

5. Modeling Passion: Throughout her college years, Katharina remained passionate about modeling. She actively participated in modeling events in her area. This early involvement in the modeling world likely helped her gain experience, build connections, and hone her skills in the industry.

6. Modeling and Influencer Career: Her dedication to modeling and participation in these local events would eventually pave the way for her career as a successful model and influencer. The experience gained through modeling events likely provided her with the skills and exposure needed to become a prominent figure in the fashion and modeling industry.

Katharina Mazepa's journey from her educational background to her modeling and influencer career reflects a path marked by curiosity, international experiences, and a commitment to her passion for modeling. These diverse experiences have likely contributed to her success in the industry.

School Vienna Bilingual School.
College BOKU University.
Educational Qualification Graduate

Katharina Mazepa Profession Details

Katharina Mazepa Pofessional

In 2014, Katharina Nahlik achieved the title of Miss Vienna, which is a local beauty pageant held in Vienna, Austria. Winning this title likely provided her with recognition and opportunities in the modeling and fashion industry. It's common for beauty pageant winners to use their titles as a stepping stone to launch their careers in modeling, acting, or other related fields.

Katharina Mazepa as model

Following her Miss Vienna win, Katharina Nahlik embarked on a career as an international model. As an international model, she would have had the opportunity to work with various fashion brands, designers, photographers, and agencies on a global scale. Her work may have included participating in fashion shows, photo shoots, and promotional campaigns, both in Austria and in other countries.

Katharina Mazepa career

Katharina Mazepa developed an early interest in modeling and participated in various local modeling events and beauty pageants. Her breakthrough came in 2014 when she won the prestigious Miss Vienna title, launching her career as a model.

Through unwavering dedication and hard work, she achieved considerable success in the modeling industry, ultimately becoming a well-known Instagram personality and social media influencer. She collaborated with numerous fashion campaigns and graced the covers of several magazines. Notably, she worked with renowned brands such as Vogue and Guess, solidifying her status as a sought-after model in the fashion world.

Profession Model
Present Year 2023
Net Worth $15 Million
Source of Income Model
Movies Not Available
TV Shows Not Available
Advertisement Not Available
Awards Not Available

Katharina Mazepa Physical Stats

Katharina Mazepa body

Katharina Mazepa is known for her impeccable body shape, radiant skin, glossy hair, slender waistline, and overall stunning appearance. These attributes can be attributed to her dedication to health and fitness. Her commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle likely involves a balanced diet, regular exercise, and skincare routines, which contribute to her glowing and attractive physical features.

Katharina Mazepa figure

Height 177 Centimeters
5 Feet 9 Inches
69.69 Inches
1.77 Meters
Weight 111 lbs.
50.35 kg.
Body Measurements 34-24-36
Shoe Size 7 UK
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Brown
Birth Mark Not Available
Tattoo yes

Katharina Mazepa Social Media Profiles

Katharina Mazepa has an active and engaging presence on social media, which has helped her amass millions of followers. Her social media platforms, such as Instagram, likely showcase her modeling work, lifestyle, and other aspects of her personal and professional life.

Katharina Mazepa Social Media Account

In addition to her modeling career and social media presence, Mazepa expanded her reach by appearing in the reality series "The Hills: New Beginnings." This show is a revival of the popular early-2000s reality series "The Hills" and features both original cast members and new faces. Her participation in the series provided her with a platform to further connect with audiences and gain recognition in the world of reality television.

Combining her modeling success, social media influence, and reality TV appearances, Katharina Mazepa has established herself as a multifaceted personality in the entertainment and fashion industry, appealing to a broad and diverse audience.

In 2019, Nahlik tied the knot with US diplomat Shilo Mazepa in Spoleto, Italy, with Amina Dagi, a former Miss Universe contestant, serving as her bridesmaid. Later that year, the couple relocated to Washington D.C. However, in 2021, they went their separate ways, as she filed for divorce.

Katharina Mazepa's Husband

Starting in 2022, Nahlik embarked on a romantic journey with plastic surgeon Dr. Leonard Hochstein, who happens to be the estranged husband of Lisa Hochstein, a star from The Real Housewives of Miami. Their love story took an exciting turn when Hochstein proposed to Nahlik during a trip to Ibiza in the summer of 2023.

Katharina Mazepa and her husband Leonardo Hochstein