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Liza Kovalenko

Fashion Model, and Influencer .
Birth Date

09 February 2000

Birth Place


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24 Years Old

Coming from Ukraine, Liza Kovalenko is recognized as an Instagram model with a notable presence as a Greek luxury lifestyle influencer. Her Instagram popularity has paved the way for collaborations with diverse fashion brands and magazines, involving active participation in promotions and photoshoots. Presently, her estimated net worth is around $1 million.

Liza Kovalenko Personal Details


 Liza Kovalenko's Personal Life

Liza Kovalenko, also known as Yeli Kovalenko, is a celebrated model and Instagram personality originating from Ukraine. She has established herself as a prominent luxury lifestyle influencer, earning widespread acclaim through her Instagram platform. With a significant international following exceeding 1 million, Liza is recognized as a key influencer in the realm of social media. Beginning her career as a model, she gained prominence by meticulously curating her Instagram content, showcasing not only her well-toned physique but also securing lucrative partnerships with major brands. Liza undeniably made a substantial impact on the fitness and entertainment industries, thanks to her impeccable fashion sense and substantial following, solidifying her position as a noteworthy brand influencer.

 Liza Kovalenko's Early life

Love for Travelling

She holds a profound enthusiasm for travel and possesses a genuine curiosity for exploring uncharted territories. Her interest transcends traditional tourism, as she finds joy in immersing herself in diverse cultures and uncovering the distinctive features of different destinations. Whether captivated by scenic landscapes, cultural richness, or the excitement of novel experiences, her fervor for exploration serves as a compelling driving force in her life.

 Liza Kovalenko Love Traveling

Full Name Liza Kovalenko
Gender Female
Nick Name Liza
Date of Birth 09 February 2000
Place of Birth Ukraine
Hometown Ukraine
Marital Status Single
Spouse Not Available
Children Not Available
Zodiac SIgn Aquarius
Religion Christian
Birth City Ukraine
Birth State Ukraine
Birth Country Ukraine
Nationality Ukrainian

Liza Kovalenko Profession Details

Liza Kovalenko, a renowned fashion model, initiated her career on Instagram and has garnered a following surpassing 1 million on the platform. In the age of social media, attaining fame is as easy as a tap of a screen, and Liza Kovalenko epitomizes this phenomenon. Her name is now synonymous with fashion, modeling, and lifestyle content on her esteemed Instagram account, @lizakovalenkoo. With a continuously growing fan base and an exceptional sense of style, Liza has captivated the hearts of millions worldwide.

 Liza Kovalenko's Professional Life

Liza's Instagram profile, embraced by a million followers, serves as a platform for showcasing her diverse talents. She captivates her audience with a captivating combination of dance, lifestyle, and fashion modeling images. In a space where aesthetics intertwine with movement, Liza's content stands out as a delightful fusion of style and self-expression.

 Liza Kovalenko's Instagram Career

Coming from Ukraine, Liza Kovalenko embarked on her Instagram journey in 2016. What initially started as a creative outlet and a platform to express her passion for fashion and photography quickly transformed into a sensation. Her profile evolved into a captivating portfolio, featuring not only stunning modeling photographs but also a diverse range of engaging lifestyle content.

Liza possesses a unique and appealing appearance, along with a style that distinguishes her from others. This distinctiveness has attracted interest from both fashion enthusiasts and aspiring models. She carefully curates and arranges her pictures and content before sharing them on Instagram. In her posts, she effortlessly combines grace, sophistication, and a hint of playful charm. Her Instagram account functions as an artistic canvas, showcasing a wide array of outfits and fashion ideas that reflect her distinct personality.

Profession Fashion Model, and Influencer .
Present Year 2023
Net Worth 1$ million +
Source of Income Social media / Branding
TV Shows

Liza Kovalenko Physical Stats

 Liza Kovalenko's Phyiscal Appearance

She radiates youthfulness, allure, and attractiveness, showcasing a slim figure that strongly resonates with a younger audience. Often described as doll-like, she stands at approximately 5′ 3” and maintains a weight of around 56 kg, emphasizing her slender physique. Accentuated by captivating brown eyes and brown hair, her beautiful large eyes and long, silky hair enhance her overall charm. Beyond her physical attributes, she exudes an appealing personality, further fueling her widespread popularity.

Height 167 Centimeters
5 Feet 5 Inches
65.75 Inches
1.67 Meters
Weight 104 lbs.
47.17 kg.
Body Measurements 30-24-32
Shoe Size 6US
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Birth Mark

Liza Kovalenko Social Media Profiles

She commands a following of over 1.1 million on her Instagram.
You can locate her on Instagram under the handle @lizakovalenkoo.

 Liza Kovalenko's Social Media Instagram

Liza Kovalenko commands an impressive following of 762 thousand on her Instagram account, identified by the handle @lizakovalenkoo. Additionally, she oversees a secondary account, as indicated in her bio with the handle @lizunkovalenko, amassing a total of 24.4 thousand followers.

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Liza Kovalenko accrues substantial income through sponsorships, advertisements, paid collaborations, affiliate marketing, and advertising revenue. A tentative estimate of Liza's net worth, encompassing her assets and earnings, surpasses 1 million dollars.

Liza has forged partnerships with prestigious brands in clothing, fashion, lifestyle, and cosmetics. Prominent collaborations include renowned names such as Devonwindsor, Revolve, FashionNova, and Boandtee.

 Liza Kovalenko's More Info