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Makeiva Alberitten

Actress, Nail Technician, Dance
Birth Date

17 July 1995

Birth Place

Detroit, Michigan, United States

Birth Sign



28 Years Old

Albritten Makeiva is notable for their contributions to "Queen of Kings" (2022), "Kingsmen," and "Watch Your Back" (2023).

Makeiva Alberitten Personal Details


Makeiva alberitten Personal Life

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, Makeiva Albritten, born on July 17, 1995, is a distinguished American actress and dancer, proudly embracing her African-American heritage. Her journey in the world of entertainment began in her early years, propelling her to attain worldwide acclaim. 

Makeiva Alberitten Early Life

Her exceptional talents in both acting and dancing have garnered accolades from critics and a dedicated fan base.

Makeiva alberitten personal life

Throughout her professional journey, Makeiva has been featured in a wide array of films and television programs. In addition to her influence in the world of entertainment, she passionately commits herself to philanthropic endeavors, demonstrating unwavering dedication to assisting those in need.

Love Life

Makeiva Alberitten And Her Husband James Perkins

Makeiva Alberitten is in love with James Perkins And she married him.

Makeiva Alberitten and Her Boyfriend James Perkins

And they also have a kid together.

Makeiva Alberitten and her kids


Makeiva Alberitten Awards

Makeiva has garnered acclaim and recognition by receiving Best Actress awards in recognition of her outstanding performances in a wide range of films and television series. Moreover, her captivating dance routines have earned her prestigious accolades, such as the esteemed Dance Achievement Award.

Makeiva Alberitten Recognization

Full Name Makeiva Alberitten
Gender Female
Nick Name Makeiva Albritten
Date of Birth 17 July 1995
Place of Birth Detroit, Michigan, United States
Hometown Detroit
Marital Status Single
Affair/Relationship James Perkins
Spouse Not Available
Children Not Available
Zodiac SIgn Leo
Religion Christian
Birth City Detroit, Michigan, United States
Birth State Michigan
Birth Country United States
Nationality American

Makeiva Alberitten Educational Qualifications

Between 2013 and 2017, Makeiva dedicated herself to her academic pursuits at Wayne State University, culminating in the attainment of a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in nursing.

School High School
College Wayne State University
Educational Qualification Graduate

Makeiva Alberitten Profession Details


Makeiva Alberitten Professional Life

Makeiva Albritten's formative years were a captivating journey filled with boundless enthusiasm and a deep-seated passion for the arts. Growing up in the culturally vibrant backdrop of Detroit, Michigan, she found the inspiration to pursue her dreams.

Makeiva Alberitten Connected Through Blood

Even during her early years, Makeiva displayed a natural aptitude for both acting and dancing, leaving those around her in awe of her extraordinary talents. She embarked on a path that involved dance lessons and active participation in local theater productions, all with the aim of honing her skills and accumulating valuable experience. Her unwavering commitment and hard work eventually bore fruit when, at the tender age of 10, she secured her inaugural professional role.

Makeiva Alberitten The Simp

This marked the inception of her promising career within the entertainment industry. Makeiva's early life and the experiences that shaped it laid a robust foundation for her subsequent success, ultimately molding her into the remarkable actress and dancer she has become today.

About Fitness

Makeiva owns JacFit, a fitness program that delivers personalized coaching, nutrition plans, and online courses, employing a holistic approach to help clients achieve their health and fitness goals. In addition to her entrepreneurial role in the fitness industry, Makeiva has excelled as a bodybuilder, garnering multiple titles and awards. One of her notable achievements includes winning first place in the bikini category at the 2017 UFE Halloween Mayhem show.

Makeiva Alberitten Fittness Secret

Profession Actress, Nail Technician, Dance
Present Year 2023
Net Worth $ 8 Million
Source of Income Acting
Movies Connected Through Blood
TV Shows The Simp

Makeiva Alberitten Physical Stats

Makeiva Alberitten Physical Body

Currently, Makeiva Albritten is 27 years old and stands at a striking height of 5 feet 7 inches. While her specific weight remains private, she maintains a fit and well-balanced physique. Makeiva places a strong emphasis on her health by consistently participating in physical exercise and adhering to a nutritious diet.

Height 171 Centimeters
5 Feet 7 Inches
67.32 Inches
1.71 Meters
Weight 165 lbs.
74.84 kg.
Body Measurements 30-24-32
Shoe Size 8UK
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Birth Mark

Makeiva Alberitten Social Media Profiles

Makeiva Albritten is very active on social media platformas since 2023. She have hundreds of thousand of followers on various social media platforms.

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Makeiva Alberitten More Info

Makeiva Albritten has achieved significant success in her career, a testament to her unwavering commitment and hard work. While her exact net worth remains undisclosed, it is widely estimated to be in the millions, reflecting the substantial earnings she has amassed through her work in the entertainment industry as both an actress and dancer.

Her achievements have not only propelled her within the entertainment world but have also created opportunities in the realm of business. Makeiva has ventured into endorsements and brand partnerships, collaborating with a diverse range of companies and products. In addition to her professional endeavors, she actively participates in philanthropic initiatives, using her platform and resources to contribute to the betterment of the community.