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Sarah Caldeira

Sarah Caldeira

TikTok Star
Birth Date

16 February 1991

Birth Place

California, United States

Birth Sign



33 Years Old

Born on February 16, 1991, in sunny California, Sarah Caldeira, now 32, has accumulated 11,917 days of life experience. Her TikTok journey began in 2022, highlighting her creative prowess in crafting engaging and relatable content. The comedic sketches with her husband have resonated globally, earning her a cherished place in the hearts of followers.

Sarah Caldeira Personal Details


Sarah Caldeira Personal Life

Recognized as a prominent influencer in the realm of social media and a noteworthy content creator on TikTok, she has achieved widespread acclaim for her captivating posts on the Sarahillustrates account. Collaborating with her partner, they demonstrate expertise in crafting entertaining skits specifically designed to connect with couples. Her Instagram platform has a following, of over 300,000 devoted fans.

Sarah Caldeira Personal Life

Love Life

Sarah Caldeira love Life

She exchanged vows with Alexander Caldeira, known in social media circles by the username alex_illustrates.

Sarah Caldeira love Life

Full Name Sarah Caldeira
Gender Female
Nick Name Sarah Caldeira
Date of Birth 16 February 1991
Place of Birth California, United States
Hometown Los Angeles
Marital Status Single
Affair/Relationship Alexander Caldeira
Zodiac SIgn Aquarius
Religion Christian
Birth City California, United States
Birth State California
Birth Country United States
Nationality American

Sarah Caldeira Profession Details

Sarah started her TikTok journey with a video called "Brb melting," not knowing it would kick off a big adventure. Now, Sarah has over 300,000 fans! People love her funny, charming videos that connect with audiences worldwide.

Sarah Caldeira Professional Life

​ Beyond the numbers, Sarah's rise on TikTok is like a story, full of creativity, digital storytelling, and showing how social media can really impact people's lives.

Sarah Caldeira Career

Profession TikTok Star
Present Year 2023
Net Worth $5 Million
Source of Income Branding / Social media
TV Shows

Sarah Caldeira Physical Stats

Sarah Caldeira Physical Appearance

Standing at a height of 5 feet 8 inches and weighing 59 kg, Sarah Caldeira identifies as straight and comes from a white ethnic background. With black hair and brown eyes, her presence extends beyond TikTok as she actively engages with her Instagram followers. On this platform, she offers glimpses into her lingerie and swimwear modeling career through photos, showcasing her diverse talents. Her captions often convey admiration for influential figures, including the likes of Maya Angelou.

Height 153 Centimeters
5 Feet 0 Inches
60.24 Inches
1.53 Meters
Weight 120 lbs.
54.43 kg.
Body Measurements 30-24-32
Shoe Size 6US
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Birth Mark

Sarah Caldeira Social Media Profiles

Sarah Caldeira  Instagram

Beyond her TikTok activities, Sarah broadens her digital footprint on Instagram, actively connecting with her fan base. On this platform, she assembles a portfolio of snapshots from her ventures into swimwear and lingerie modeling, giving her followers an extra outlet to admire her varied talents. Particularly noteworthy is Sarah's inclination for inspiration from influential figures like Maya Angelou, as seen in a caption accompanying one of her modeling photos, where she quoted the renowned poet and author.

Sarah Caldeira Instagram

Sarah Caldeira Instagram

In summary, Sarah Caldeira, also recognized as "Sarah Illustrates," has risen to prominence as a TikTok sensation, captivating a global audience with her humor and creativity. Her journey from a Californian local to an international TikTok star underscores the transformative impact of social media. Despite establishing a well-known online persona, she skillfully maintains the privacy of her personal life—a noteworthy achievement in the digital era. The love story and collaborative creativity shared by Sarah and her husband serve as an inspiration, illustrating how love and shared passions can thrive in the realm of social media. As she expands her presence on platforms like Instagram and YouTube, Sarah continues to grow, connecting with her audience and inspiring others through relatable and engaging content.

Sarah Caldeira Instagram