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Talitha Bateman

Talitha Bateman

Birth Date

04 September 2001

Birth Place

Turlock, California, United States

Birth Sign



22 Years Old

American actress Talitha Bateman was born on September 4, 2001. Her roles as Janice in the horror film "Annabelle: Creation" and as Scarlett Kincaid in the TV series "Hart of Dixie" on The CW brought her attention. She is also well-known for her part in the catastrophe movie "Geostorm."  

Talitha Bateman Personal Details

Talitha Bateman

Talitha is the youngest of eight siblings in the Bateman family. She shares her playful and goofy nature with her older sister, Leah Bateman. Their shared love for enjoying life suggests that they have a close and fun-loving relationship.

Talitha Bateman personal details

Here are the members of the Bateman family:

1. Leah Bateman: Leah is Talitha's older sister, and as mentioned, she shares a similar playful and goofy personality.

2. Justin Bateman: Justin is one of Talitha's older brothers.

3. Aleq Bateman: Aleq is another one of Talitha's older brothers.

4. Noah E. Bateman: Noah is yet another older brother of Talitha.

5. Judah Bateman: Judah is the fourth of Talitha's older brothers.

6. Gabriel Bateman: Gabriel is Talitha's little brother, making him the sibling closest to her in age.

7. Hannah Bateman: Hannah is one of Talitha's two older sisters.

8. Leah Bateman: The second mention of Leah here indicates that Leah is both an older and a younger sister to Talitha, depending on the perspective of the text. This may be a typographical error or a repeated reference to Leah.

Talitha Bateman

It's clear that the Bateman family is quite large and appears to be filled with love and a sense of fun, with Talitha and her sister Leah taking the lead in bringing humor and joy to the family.

Talitha Bateman cute

Full Name Talitha Bateman
Gender Female
Nick Name Talitha Eliana Bateman
Date of Birth 04 September 2001
Place of Birth Turlock, California, United States
Hometown Turlock, California, United States
Marital Status Single
Affair/Relationship Not Available
Spouse Not Available
Children Not Available
Zodiac SIgn Virgo
Religion Not Available
Birth City Turlock, California, United States
Birth State California
Birth Country United States
Nationality American

Talitha Bateman Family Details

Talitha Bateman's family

Talitha Bateman is the seventh child of her parents, Jonelle and Tim Bateman, who had seven more children. Bateman grew up in an unconventional household, where she and her seven siblings – Gabriel, Noah, Judah, Justin, Aleq, Hannah, and Leah – were all homeschooled.

Talitha Bateman's Father

In an interview, Talitha Bateman revealed one of their family's traditions: all the children received a rose on their birthday. Their parents initiated this tradition when their first child was still young, and it continues to this day. They hope that each of the eight children will carry on this tradition when they get married.

Talitha Bateman's mother and sister

The Bateman family is exceptionally close-knit, with a strong focus on supporting each child's dreams, as exemplified by the acting pursuits of Talitha Bateman and her three siblings who have also had acting roles.

Talitha Bateman's brother

Among the group, Gabriel is the standout star, much like Talitha. He has appeared in horror films such as "Annabelle" and "Curfew" and has also had roles in TV shows like "Banished" and "Stalker." His portfolio includes numerous advertisements and a few music videos.

Father Name Tim Bateman
Mother Name Jonelle Bateman
Brother Name Gabriel Bateman
Sister Name Leah Bateman
Husband Not Available
Children Not Available

Talitha Bateman Profession Details

Talitha Bateman in Love, Simon

Talitha Bateman in Annabella

Talitha Bateman is a rising star in the film industry, known for her roles in the 2017 horror movie "Annabelle: Creation" and the 2018 romantic comedy "Love, Simon." Starting her career as a child, she has become a household name, impressing audiences with her stellar performances.

Talitha Bateman in So B. It

Talitha Bateman in Stuck in the Middle

Talitha Bateman in Geostorm

Her journey began with roles in "The Middle" and continued with appearances in "So B. It" (2016), "Revenge: A Love Story" (2017), "Stuck in the Middle" (2017), and "Geostorm" (2017).

Talitha Bateman in The Boxcar Children: Surprise Island

 She also provided her talents to the animated film "The Boxcar Children: Surprise Island" (2018) and notably in "Annabelle: Creation," where she revealed that improvisation played a significant role, making the filming experience even scarier than what viewers saw on screen.

Despite not yet receiving awards or nominations, Bateman's remarkable career, which started at a young age and without formal acting training, is one to watch. Her dedication and talent promise a bright future in the film industry.

Profession Actress
Present Year 2023
Net Worth $6 Million
Source of Income Actor
Movies Anabellee
TV Shows Scarlett Kincaid, CW's Hart of Dixie
Advertisement Not Available
Awards MTV Movie & TV Awards, Most Frightened Performance, Annabelle: Creation, Nominated

Talitha Bateman Physical Stats

Talitha Bateman body

Despite her young age, Bateman's physical statistics are as follows: she currently stands at 5 feet 2 inches, which is approximately 1.57 meters in height, and she weighs 48 kilograms, which converts to approximately 105 pounds. It's important to note that as she continues to grow and mature, her height may increase.

Height 152 Centimeters
4 Feet 11 Inches
59.84 Inches
1.52 Meters
Weight 50 lbs.
22.68 kg.
Body Measurements 30-23-32
Shoe Size 6UK
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Birth Mark Not Available
Tattoo Not Available

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Talitha Bateman was born in Turlock, California. Following in the footsteps of her older sister, she made the move to Los Angeles to begin auditioning for acting roles. She is homeschooled, which provides her with flexibility in managing her education while pursuing her acting career.

Currently, she resides in Southern California, which is a hub for the entertainment industry, making it a convenient location for her career.

Talitha is the youngest girl among her eight siblings, and she holds the position of the second-youngest child overall. Her younger brother, Gabriel Bateman, is also an actor, making it a family affair in the world of acting. This familial connection might have played a part in her journey into the entertainment industry, as it's clear that acting runs in the family.